Waking Up Well – Part 1

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How do you start your day? Do you wake up and jump out of bed, full of life and energy, ready to go with a plan? Are you focused and have a plan for the day that provides you with the ability to achieve your goals and stay in the flow all day?

If so, you might not need to hear this recording or read any of these blogs. But if you hit snooze a few times or if you wake up with any sense of dread; or if you don’t have a plan; or if your life seems to be in constant chaos, there are some simple things you can do to set yourself up for a successful day.

I’ll keep it short and sweet for this first one. Often the smallest changes or actions bring the most magnificent results. This one is one of the most effective tools I’ve come across and having a quick tool makes it easier for you to implement it and see the big changes.

I recently attended a conference and Gregg Braden spoke. This is a small piece of the information he gave us. It was wonderful, compelling talk. He said: “Before you open your eyes, say to yourself, “I am a soul’.”

I’ve expanded that a bit for my purposes but if that is the small change you make, go for it. Before I even open my eyes, I remind myself that I am a soul. I am a soul walking around this Earth in a human form. I am an imperfect being so will make mistakes. That is how I learn and grow. I will be gentle with myself today when I make mistakes or don’t get things done like I planned or things don’t go the way I want them to. I will make amends when I will grow today.

I also take a moment to recognize that I am not in control of most things in my life and when I attempt to exercise control, I’m limiting myself. I simply ask the Universe to show me and lead me and to allow me to remember that I have choices in every instant.

You can say your own prayer. Or you can just remember that you have choices. Do whatever works for you but don’t jump out of bed and run straight into your day.

There is a lot of chaos in this world. We have a choice to add to that chaos and a choice to be stuck in that chaos. I don’t know about you but I my choice is to stay out of that chaotic world but my actions and words don’t always line up with that choice. It is extremely difficult to hear what your soul is saying when you are all caught up in the twirling vortex of that chaos.

You have intuition within you that you possibly aren’t even aware of. Your soul speaks to you but you don’t hear it. You can change that.

Adding in this one little thing to my morning, before I even open my eyes, has dramatically altered my life. I have had a habit of speaking to myself and about myself incredibly critically. There was no good reason for it but it lowered my vibration and took me out of a place of personal power. It is/was a way of playing small.

In the middle of the day, when I catch myself thinking or saying negative things about myself, I remind myself again that I am a soul. Then I’m re-grounded and the negative self-talk is gone.

If I forget to do this in the morning, or if I find myself feeling chaotic and out of control I can re-group quickly by remembering that at my very essence, I am a soul. I am a soul. I am a soul. I am a soul. Shine on everybody. Have a great day.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series.

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