What are you doing this week that fills your soul?

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Living a full life means, to me at least, experiencing lots of artistic 👩‍🎨 events. Yes, there is the entertainment factor. However, I often learn something about myself, history, beauty, love, the world or whatever there is to take into my experience. It’s an adventure!

I love attending plays and am making a point to attend more shows now that my girls are both in college. I just had the pleasure of watching our spectacular daughter, Christine; perform the role of Mama Morton in CHICAGO at Hollins University. She was devastatingly good and we were front row and center to take in her owning the stage during her solo,”When Your Good To Mama”.

This small women’s college has one of the best college theaters in the country. Last year it was ranked number seven by Princeton. I have no idea what it will be ranked as you read this. It is crazy to me that this small women’s college produces such an exceptional level of theater. (https://www.hollins.edu/academics/majors-minors/theatre-major/)

After this show and knowing that they just took top awards recently at the Kennedy Center, next year should see another high ranking for this small University. We saw the show went back to see another sold out performance.

The entire show was wonderful. I’d have paid much more than $10.00 at other venues and the production wouldn’t have necessarily been better.

Rather than scrolling through channels on the TV or going to see the latest blockbuster movie just because it’s out, how about seeking out local college plays and music and art exhibits? They are usually inexpensive, you support young people in furthering their education and growth, and you might make connections with people by doing some different things.

I’m talking about expanding your life a bit by intentionally looking at routine ways of living. I’m not dissing going to the movies. I go so often they could almost put a plaque on a chair for me. But I don’t go just because it’s Wednesday night and it’s film club night. We are intentional in planning what we see and what will provide value to our lives. (I say “we”, including my husband, but I go alone as well).

What are you doing this week that fills your soul? How about next week or a month from now? Are there any exhibits or flower shows or chamber music at a local venue? Seek out life. It takes intention and open eyes to find the juiciness in it. And then you have things to look forward to.


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