Who is the Pretty Woman in That Photo?

Beth Sears blog

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Who is the pretty woman in that photo? Oh…it’s me, just a few years ago.

I just had one of those moments that still surprise me. I’ve done a lot of work around body image and confidence. I know I’m not necessarily healthy just because I have a six-pack. For the record, only once in my entire 52 years on this earth have I had anything remotely resembling a six-pack. That was six years ago and I worked my tail off for it. 🤣 🤣 🤣

I don’t recognize, in myself, the need to have every photo I post be perfect. I think I’m even-handed when I look in the mirror. But now I’m realizing I’ve been wrong. I think I’ve been lying to myself, ever so subtly: But lying never the less.

I went through old photos last night and remember thinking I was out of shape or looked heavy at the time they were taken. I didn’t post some of the photos or if I did, I didn’t like what I saw. I saw someone then that I see differently today.

The only thing that’s changed between then and now is a lot of spiritual work. I’ve redone the curriculum that I teach others a few times. It still amazes me how such small changes create subtle shifts that make miracles occur.

These are from three years ago. I don’t think I posted them or if I did, I did so grudgingly. One reason was that I’d been sick and was clinging to the idea that I was unhealthy and therefore, not happy. I just picked a few photos as examples. I look back on all the photos and I see joy and happiness. I see health.

My job today, is to continue to see the present joy. I deserve it. My job today is to be humble and to see myself “right-sized”. When I thought I wasn’t “enough” to post photos, I was in my own ego. I saw myself as “less-than”.

That seems a little crazy to me right now. The world deserves our light. The world deserves my light. The world deserves your light.

Today I intentionally will act in ways that share the light. I won’t take myself too seriously. What about you?


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