Under the Waterfall

I’m working on my master Reiki training as I stand under this glorious waterfall in Iceland. Waterfalls are closely associated with Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing, stress reduction, and relaxation. It’s a type of energetic healing that uses unseen “loving life force energy” that flows through us at all times. Reiki is a holistic treatment, integrating the body, mind, emotions, and spirit creating benefits such as physical healing, relaxation, peace, security, tranquility, and overall well-being.

I wasn’t thinking about my Reiki training as I stood under that waterfall. I was feeling the amazing power and healing properties of that incredible place.

Once again the connection between my lifestyle (what and how I eat, sleep, what I put in my body, where my focus lies, etc.) and my ability to connect with Spirit readily, is coming up for me. Stress is a huge obstacle for my growth. Perhaps it is for you as well?

I used to think my ability to drive myself was always a blessing. I thought I understood that work/life balance was difficult to achieve, but that I came close. “Work hard/play hard!” I thought that meant a more full life. I thought that I was in control.

However, I’ve found that results in burn out. It did for me. I see it happening everywhere. I see it in clients who want to work while they exercise rather than get the most out of the time they spend exercising. Or my sweet friend with teenage twins who works four jobs and is trying to finalize her immigration to the US, but forgot that it only takes a few minutes to breathe or meditate. Her stress is through the rough and she’s a dear, thoughtful person. But when you ask her, and listen to her answer, you hear the frantic energy and her disconnection to herself. We talked about how a few minutes of silence and breathing can help. Possibly even, this routine can alter her energy on a more constant basis.

For me, my studies are reminding me to cook wholesome, real food with love. I’m planning my preparation for the retreat. I’m meditating more and adding in Reiki meditations. Formal Reiki practice is now part of my daily life again. I’d gotten away from it; not by choice but because of other healing studies.

My current studies remind me that we are all vessels of love. They are reinforcing that our life choices impact how vibrantly we live. Maybe a better way to describe it is that the better I care for myself by doing things that are most in alignment with the Universe (the most “natural”), the more life force energy I will allow. These actions of healthy living support the flow of life force energy rather than blocking it.

I’m blessed to be on a path that is giving me Reiki technology to use loving energy to heal. Western medicine recognizes what Reiki teaches; that most illness is related directly or indirectly to the mind and nervous system. I work with people every day to improve the quality of their lives through partnering with them to find methods that work for them to be their highest selves, their healthiest selves, their happiest and most successful selves. Reiki is becoming an accepted part of Western medicine and a valued healing practice. Can you tell I’m excited to bring Reiki to my own life and to my tribe? If not, more will be revealed.

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