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The moment your eyes are open, seize the day.
Would you hold back when the Beloved beckons?
Would you deliver your litany of sins like a child’s collection of seashells, prized and labeled?

“No, I can’t step across the threshold,” you say, eyes downcast.
“I’m not worthy” I’m afraid, and my motives aren’t pure.
I’m not perfect, and surely I haven’t practiced nearly enough.
My meditation isn’t deep, and my prayers are sometimes insincere.
I still chew my fingernails, and the refrigerator isn’t clean.

“Do you value your reasons for staying small more than the light shining through the open door?
Forgive yourself.

Now is the only time you have to be whole.
Now is the sole moment that exists to live in the light of your true Self.
Perfection is not a prerequisite for anything but pain.
Please, oh please, don’t continue to believe in your disbelief.
This is the day of your awakening.

~ Danna Faulds


I’ve waited. I’ve hesitated. At times in my life, I’ve refused to get in the water. I’ve also jumped in with both feet without looking…and then quickly jumped right back out. I have boldly and with great bravado cleanly dived into the deepest of waters and succeeded in swimming with masterful strokes, until I decided that even those actions were not good enough, and scrambled out as fast as I could. I’ve trashed about and almost drowned and made myself look like I couldn’t swim. I wasn’t perfect and you were going to find out that I couldn’t swim PERFECTLY, so I played small. I found many ways to avoid fully doing what I wanted to do, with the gusto and passion that comes from living free from perfectionism.

How about you? My best guess is that you are a human being. So I’ll go out on a limb and conclude that most of you (all of you) have played small at some point of your lives. It could be that you play small in only one area of your life or perhaps more than one area. If you can look at this without judgment, this would be fairly easy to address. However, we judge most everything by nature of being human but also more so because of the society in which we live. Can you recognize where you play small? Can you forgive yourself for playing small?

All I can draw on is my own experience, my strengths, and my hopes for each of you as clients or as people I may never meet other than in this post. “What is simple is often not easy.” I’m not sure whom I’m quoting but it rings true for me at least. Then when something so “simple” doesn’t happen, I don’t do that oh so “simple” thing, or my best efforts at doing something seemingly “simple” go awry, I CAN go into my perfectionist mind and beat myself up all over the place. And THAT doesn’t do anyone, any good. It takes effort to stay out of that place of perfectionism. I chose to make that effort, most of the time.

This is the first blog post on this site. I hope you come back to find a little guidance towards wellness, pick up a few tips or recipes, perhaps you will join me on a workshop or fitness program, or at least accompany me on my own journey. What part of your life would you like to dive into more deeply? What is holding you back? Are you ready to start living the life that you want?

Until next time,

Namaste you crazy, wonderful friends!

“Progress, not perfection.” – anonymous

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